Main purpose of appetizers is to evoke appetite, it shouldn't be too nourishing. Even if an appetizer is hot a size of appetizer`s portion mustn't be too big so that you can eat other dishes.

Appetizers are divided into cold and hot. Cold appetizers include fish and meat delicacies, snack salads, canapes, fresh and marinated vegetables. There is so large choice of cold appetizers that it`s impossible to list all their categories. The term «cold snack» first appeared in France and then spread around the globe. It was common in France to serve original cold or hot appetizers depending on main dishes. Initially cold appetizers were intended for eating after the use of alcoholic beverages. This tradition exists nowadays and definition of cold snacks is practically inseparable from drinking alcoholic drinks. Cold appetizers cooked according to various recipes and present on every festive table. They include practically all kinds of sausages, cheese, vegetables, pickles, caviar, sandwiches, mushrooms, canned fish and also salads. Cold snacks shouldn't be neglected as namely they evoke appetite. For that reason they should be served before the main meal and sometimes between servings of hot dishes.

The first impression about upcoming dinner or supper, owners of a house and their ability to organize a party depends on the presence of original cold appetizers cooked according various recipes. Recipes of cold snacks play a special role at cocktail dinners, banquets and their quantity shouldn't be less than 5-10. Besides, snacks composed of vegetables are mainly valued for the high content of vitamins and minerals. There are hundreds of such recipes. A nice housewife can invent her own recipe if desired.

In USA the starters are various and depend on a region. However, some starters are nationally recognized, for example, crab cakes, nachos, onion rings, potato chips, Buffalo wings. The nachos are popular in the southern states. Sandwiches present an American in-between meal solution and can be homemade. They contain meat, cheese, various sauces or greens.

Various meat and fish dishes are used as hot snacks. They can be seasoned with spices in order to evoke appetite. Hot appetizers should be served immediately after cooking and added by different garnishes and sauces according to your taste. Such recipes should be not complicated in cooking and not nourishing. In the case of having a cocktail dinner hot appetizers may well be considered as main dishes and that`s why can be made more satisfying. Recipes of hot appetizers are continuously updated and become more interesting and original.