Bake is the general name given to pastries cooked in oven. Bakes predominantly include pies, cakes and biscuits. Bake is best suited to a quick nosh (for example, while having afternoon tea) or can be served in the form of dessert after a meal (for tea or coffee). In contrast to bread bake which recipes traditionally contain butter, has higher contain of fat that ensures its crumbly, soft and layered texture. The most widespread ingredients for bake include sugar, eggs, wheat flour, milk and cream.

Many bakery and confectionary products require much time and attention. Recipes of baked foods differ in complexity and require a distinct dosage of every ingredient as any changes can influence taste and consistency of ready dish. All baked foods can be divided into sweet confectionery and sugarless bake. Besides, there is a great variety of bake categories: pies, muffins, cakes and pastries, buns, bread and flour products.

Cuisine of every country includes traditional and inimitable bake. Every housewife has many recipes of favourite pastries. For that reason it`s possible to claim that bake recipes number in the thousands. In order to ensure excellent taste of bake you should measure all ingredients properly. It`s better to measure food products for cooking dishes using kitchen scale but if you don`t have it it`s possible to use a measuring cup.

In some families people are tender towards bake. They collect recipes for a long time and share them with friends, relatives and colleges. The most original and tasty recipes have the right to decorate any table on holidays and anniversaries. Flavour of domestic bake makes house cozy, warm and friendly. Stuffing for bakery foods can be diverse. For sweet pies stuffing can be cooked of quark, fruits and berries. Pastries, cakes, rolls and some kinds of biscuits are filled with butter cream, sour cream, chocolate, nut, fruit cream. Sweet bake goods are saturated with syrups and decorated with glaze and fondant.

Nowadays bake presents not just sweet dough with stuffing frosted with sugar power. Modern cooks create real culinary masterpieces for which there are no age, territorial and national restrictions. Surely every country possesses its signature dish that finds admirers outside the state.