Cake is a general name for a multiple group of desserts. Cake is a central dessert dish served on many festive occasions: there are wedding and birthday cakes. Namely for that reason a cake is bound to turn out to be tasty. Cooking and decoration of a cake present a subject of special interest for cooks and housewives. Namely beautiful and tasty cake is a wreath of festive evening and it`s always expected. Everybody who is interested in recipes of cakes can find them on our website.

If you want to deserve love of children and find favour in the eyes of adults you should learn to cook cakes. At first it`s necessary to wade through a simple recipe and then you`ll cope with cooking unusual and original cakes. Recipes of cakes are often passed from parents to children. There are favourite family cakes which are cooked on solemn occasion but even recipe of tasty cake becomes boring sooner or later. Recipes of delicious cakes not necessarily should be complicated as cakes cooking according simple recipes can be very tasty.

There are simple recipes which are appropriate for fast cooking when it`s necessary to cook a tasty dessert. Recipes of quick-cooking cakes will help you out when guests suddenly appear at home. Such recipes include various wafer and sand cakes, cheesecakes. Cakes with biscuits don`t require baking that saves your time.

If you follow a diet it`s possible to cook a light low-calorie cake. Surely it`s not an easy task. For example, fruit cake can be placed on a crust and fruits should be covered with jelly. It`s possible to invent recipes of unusual cakes yourself. The main thing in this case is to show fantasy and you are sure to succeed in cooking. Practically every country cuisine currently possesses a huge number of various cake types. Type of cake depends primarily on the compound of ingredients which confectioner uses in cooking process. The largest number of cake variations is cooked of sandy paste and biscuit dough. Ready wafer or biscuit crusts and layered paste are often used for cooking cakes.

One of the main stages of cooking cakes is decoration. Modern confectioners frequently use fondant, flower paste and figurines of marzipan for decoration of tier cakes. Floral motifs, inscriptions, ornaments and combining fondant of various colours prevail in cakes decoration. Cakes are classified by complexity of their construction. They can be one-layered or made of two or several layers. Several-layered cake presents two or three cakes placed on hard framed construction.