When all main dishes have been already removed from the table a time of having sweat things is approaching. The name «dessert» is derived from French word «desservir» and means dish that is served at the end of meal. There is a great variety of desserts: biscuits, pies, jelly, buns, ice cream, puddings, drops and others. Fruits also can play a role of dessert due to their natural sweetness. Desserts which recipes number in the thousands can be presented in many variations of taste, texture and appearance.

As a rule desserts contain sugar or a sweetening agent and other ingredients which make the end dish differ. Cakes present sweet pastries containing sugar and white flour. Cakes can be light or puffed. Flour desserts can also include dairy products. Pastries are the same cakes but in reduced size. Chocolate and sweets present confectionery containing cocoa butter and sugar. They are frequently used in combination with caramel or toffee.

Main ingredients of some desserts such as ice cream and puddings are milk products whereas cakes and cookies contain comparatively small amount of these foods. Numerous desserts contain eggs which are used for making pastry cream or cakes. It`s possible to achieve richness of a dessert by adding egg yolks. If you need to add a leavening agent it`s recommended to use egg whites. There are various kinds of biscuits: layered, shortbread, oatmeal, crunchy meringue and others.

As a rule pastry creams and puddings contain milk. Pastry creams are used in cooking crème brulee and fruit pies. Puddings present the same creams but with addition of starch. Buns and doughnuts are sweet flour confectionary cooked in oven (in the former case) or fried in tempura (in the latter case). They are round-shaped and sometimes possess a hole in the middle. Jam, canned fruits, cream, pastry cream and condensed milk can be used as sweet stuff. Category of frozen desserts includes sorbets and ice cream. The difference of ice cream is using milk in cooking whereas sorbet is made of fruits and fruit juices. Some desserts which recipes are characterized by complexity can`t be classified. For example, cheesecake is similar to pastry cream but nevertheless it belongs to cakes.

Ability to choose recipes or desserts correctly while preparing a menu can be considered as a real art that is no less important than ability to cook these desserts. Choice of desserts depends on many factors. First of all, it`s necessary to take into account presence of meat, fish or poultry and a way of cooking them. If main menu includes flour products it`s better to refuse from baked foods in favour of lighter sweet dishes.