Nice dinner is inconceivable without drinks: wine, fruit juices, aperitifs, coffee and others. A properly selected drink will emphasize taste of food and ensure success of housewife. All drinks are divided into cold and hot, alcoholic and soft beverages. There are very useful drinks which are easy to cook even in domestic conditions and can be drunk during the day without fear of gaining weight.

In the summer heat recipes of refreshing drinks become particularly relevant. During this season doctors and dieticians recommend to cook and drink cold beverages which recipes will help you to overcome hot summertime with profit to your health. Refreshing drinks are orange juice, lemonade, non-alcoholic beverage mojito, drinks cooked of cranberry, rosehip and many others. During the cold season hot drinks will be more appropriate: cocoa, chocolate, spicy gluhwein or grog.

For a holiday or feast it`s also possible to cook something unusual and interesting. Lemonade is one of the most popular cold drink that frequently contains peppermint. Drink recipes prepared with peppermint and lemon are recommended for children.

Main peculiarity of alcoholic drinks recipes is their taste. Such drinks can be cooked in domestic conditions according to the highest standards using the natural ingredients. Recipes of alcohol drinks can be very easy or more complicated which preparing is accompanied by fermentation process. Domestic alcohol drinks include infusions, wine and many others. They can be drunk separately or used for preparing cocktail. Recipes of coffee drinks allow to cook beverages with unmatched taste and flavor using milk, spices and cream. Green tea helps to burn calories faster in a natural way. Besides, it doesn't contain any additives and chemicals. Drinking several cups of green tea will improve your well-being and look. Fruit and vegetables juices help to lose weight and avoid dehydration. Thus, pumpkin juice facilitates slimming, helps to get rid of toxic substances and improve state of skin. Juice made of spinach, carrot and tomato juice are real dietary drinks. Drink recipes for those who keep to a diet include grapefruit and lemon juice. In other words, it`s possible to choose a drink according to your taste, gain strength and charge by energy of fruits.

Nowadays shops offer a great variety of diverse drinks. It would seem that satisfying thirst is an easy thing but unfortunately we cannot always achieve a desirable result. The main goal of quenching thirst is regaining physical strength. All drinks which are able to satisfy thirst contain substances necessary for human body: sugar, proteins, enzymes, vitamins and others. For that reason quality of domestic drinks considerably exceeds quality of drinks bought in shops.