Main Dishes

As a rule main dish is the heaviest and most complicated in menu. It`s often preceded by soup, appetizers, salad and can be followed by desserts. Recipes of main dishes are so diverse that any housewife can cook dinner or supper according to her taste. Meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and other food products can serve as a basis. Attentively following recipes and having some skills in culinary art help to create a real masterpiece.

Meat dishes can be stewed, boiled, grilled or cooked in oven. Fresh or steamed vegetables, cereals, pasts or just greens are recommended to use as a garnish. Fish can be cooked in various ways. An ideal garnish for fish is grilled or steamed vegetables. Besides, it`s advisable to complete a fish dish with sauce on the basis of white wine or cream. The most frequently used seafood includes squids, shrimps, mussels and octopus. Rice and sauce perfectly fit seafood. Eggs serve as a basis of baked puddings. It`s possible to combine eggs practically with all vegetables, spaghetti, canned food and fermented milk products (curd, quark and cheese).

Recipes of main dishes can include highly diverse pasta products. The main thing in cooking pasta is choosing correct sauce. Main courses frequently completely replace a full-fledged dinner. Variety of their ingredients often makes us to neglect other constituents of dinner.

Main feature of main courses is their nutritional value which main intended purpose is saturation of organism and satisfying hunger. Main courses should be served immediately after cooking. They lose their taste after cooling. That`s why main dishes are served only when everybody gathered at the table.

Main courses present culmination of a dinner. For that reason cooking is always given much attention especially if you are planning to take a party. Firstly it`s necessary to choose a recipe and estimate time required for cooking and financial costs. Finally, way of serving needs to be well thought as dishes should look beautiful. On weekdays housewives give preference to simple recipes of main dishes.