Pies present a symbol of home coziness, well-being and hospitality. Pies can be open-faced or closed, contain sweet or sugarless stuffing. Types of dough vary from layered dough to sandy paste. One wonderful feature is typical for all pies: it`s possible to feed with them a whole company.

Stuffing of a pie can be baked or fried. Sweet stuffing can include berries, fruits, curd or quark whereas sugarless stuffing is cooked of vegetables, meat or fish which contain savoury ingredients. Recipes of pies present practically in national cuisine of every country. Namely stuffing distinguishes pies from bakery foods and makes them so diverse. In USA apple pie is one of national symbols. Pumpkin pies are usually cooked on such holidays as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. In Florida lime pie enjoys status of official pie.

Recipes of pies sometimes frighten with their complexity but indeed nothing could be simpler than making dough and filling it with chosen stuffing. Pies allow scope for creativity as variants of dough and stuffing are so numerous that it`s possible to experiment to infinity. Even the most capricious squeamish person will necessarily find a variant according to his taste. Besides, flavor of baking can make any accommodation cozy.

Perhaps every food product is appropriate for cooking a pie. That`s why you can courageously rely on your taste and culinary preferences. There are important nuances of cooking pies. All kinds of sugarless stuffing should be boiled or fried and previously cooled when you put them into a pie. It`s necessary to take into account that cooking a fish pie requires much more time than a pie with stuffing that has been heated. For cooking open pies it`s better to use kinds of stuffing containing sufficient amount of moisture: quark, fruits, berries or jam. However if you take dryish ingredients but want to bake an open-faced pie it`s possible to cook a liquor of sour cream, eggs and cheese. Layered paste is a nice variant for cooking pies as it`s light, crunchy and melt in your mouth. In spite of the necessity to make significant efforts the result will pay for itself. Layered paste can be yeast-containing or unfermented. It can be cooked using ferment and dough method.

Pastries cooked of sandy paste are tasty and soft. It might seem that this type of dough fits exclusively cooking desserts but this opinion is mistaken. In order to make dough fluffier you can use only egg yolks without adding baking powder.