There are numerous versions of pizza`s origin. It was included in the ration of Roman legionaries and served as bread with various additives: vegetables, meat, olives and dairy products. Common people as well as patricians gave preference to pizza. At all times this dish wasn't characterized by complexity of cooking.

Pizza is widely popular all over the world. Nowadays it`s no longer perceived as a classic dish of Italian cuisine. Main menu of Europeans, Americans and even conservative in food Japanese includes pizza. Simplicity of cooking and diversity of recipes helped pizza to gain prominence among all segments of the society. What is the secret of pizza`s popularity? It provides diversity on your tables, offers an opportunity to serve festive tables beautifully. Pizza is perfectly good as an individual dish as well as a marvelous snack before dinner or supper. It can be eaten while drinking tea or coffee, eating soup or cold supper, on a picnic or camping trips etc.

It can be quickly cooked when guests appear unexpectedly. Depending on quantity of available food products it`s possible to cook big or quite small pizzas serving as a snack. For cooking pizza you can use remained food products which are not enough for a separate dish. In order to make pizza beautiful and tasty it`s necessary to study the mysteries of Italian culinary and think about combining of available food products. Everybody likes tasty cooked pizza, especially children. Children willingly eat pizza even with food products which they don`t like very much. Beautifully decorated pizza attracts them that`s why pizza should be bright and attractive. Cooking pizza requires insignificant amount of time. For fast baking it`s possible to use microwave oven, air grill or steamer.

Pizza suits any system of eating. It`s possible to cook nutritious pizzas (with meat, fish products, eggs, cheese and quark) as well as dietary pizzas (with fresh vegetables, green salad or spinach, fat-free curd and fruits). Dough is the most important component of any pizza. It can be yeast-containing, unfermented and rolled-in. Yeast-containing dough is traditionally used for cooking pizza. Recipes of yeast-free pizzas are also popular. Some people like a thin base for pizza other prefer a fluffy one that reminds a pie. It`s a matter of taste, the main thing is to find a favourite recipe and use it more often. Pizza should be served only hot.

It would seem that a common flat cake baked with other food products couldn't reach great success. However it has been suggested that the main secret of a real Italian pizza is a cheerful, sincere soul which every cook must have in order to create tasty dishes. Besides, cookery specialists decorate pizzas with numerous unexpected delicious seasonings. Overcoming cultural barriers, differences in traditions and customs of cooking pizza deservedly has taken a leading place among the most desired food products.