Salads have entered cuisine of the world at the time of Ancient Rome and were famous two and a half thousands years ago. Main ingredients of salads were onion, parsley and endive. Ancient Romans invented the concept of salads and cooked this dish of herbs and greens.

Fresh and light salad with flavorous dressing presents an excellent beginning of any supper and can be a full-fledged substitution of supper for those who dream about a slim figure. It may seem that such a dish has always existed but rarely does someone think of long and thorny way of salad to our tables.

Nowadays a great number of ingredients are used for cooking salad: various vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, prawns, luminaria and others. Salads are enormously popular thanks to quickness of cooking and high content of vitamins. Modern salads become more and more diverse. Occasionally salad contains chopped into big pieces or even whole vegetables. Herewith salads can be served hot.

Salads have been firmly included into the diet of every person tasting them at least once. Classifying salads is not an easy task as it`s possible to distinguish them depending on various criteria. For example, depending on what role a salad plays in a meal: salad can be a snack, a main dish or a dessert. It can be distinguished by ethnic origin: French salads differ from American ones etc. It`s also possible to classify salads by the main ingredient: green salads, potato salads, salads with macaroni, seafood and fruit salads etc.

Dressing of a salad is not less important than other ingredients. Salads can be cooked with oil or yoghurt. The form of presentation is also essential. Salads served in a glass look very stylish! Every stage of salad`s creating: from choosing ingredients to serving gives way to flights of fancy and reason for improvisation. Salads are so popular that some recipes have become classic. Nothing could be simpler than inventing your own unique recipe of a salad: it`s necessary to choose appropriate main ingredients, invent dressing and serve beautifully!