Since ancient times dish cooked of cheese, meat and bread enjoyed great popularity among all segments of the population. In 1840 a cookbook containing the first recipe of sandwich with ham and mustard was released in USA. In the early twentieth century sandwiches gained a huge popularity thanks to their cheapness and convenience. For that reason manufactures started to release cut and packed bread. Statistics show a rapid growth of sandwiches consumption. Sandwich is the most popular fast food product. Earlier it was perceived as a simple snack eaten between main courses but nowadays it can be one of main meals.

Special buns or usual pan bread are used for cooking sandwiches. For that purpose bread crusts should be cut off, bread is necessary to cut into slices with the widths of approximately 6 centimeters and thickness of 5 mm. Before putting stuffing meat, fish, vegetables, cheese or various pastes (depending on recipe) it`s necessary to smear slices of bread with butter or mustard, grated chrain etc. Then chosen stuffing should be placed on bread and covered with another toast that also must be previously smeared with butter.

Sandwiches can be cooked of favourite food products but sandwiches with ham are considered to be one of the most popular variants as they are tasty and satisfying. Perhaps it`s impossible to find a person who is indifferent to sandwiches especially hot ones. Apart from traditional sandwiches it`s possible to highlight pancakes, flippers and omelet. Sandwiches-pizzas, omelet with cheese or ham and triangular flippers which can be served with jam or syrup are also popular among culinary recipes for sandwich maker. Sandwich maker is similar to waffle iron and consists of two anti-adherent plates which are held together. Plates tightly pressed together roast a sandwich and melt its stuffing.

An increasing number of people especially in big cities spend lunch break in office. Such way of eating is quite comfortable while travelling by train and air flights. Sandwiches can be made in advance and kept in a fridge where they can be stored within a day. Showcases with definite lines of sandwiches can be found nowadays in chain stores.

An increasing demand evokes appearing of the large number of offerings. Assortment of fast food is constantly expanding. Main distinctive features of sandwiches are a way of serving and bread type. As the basis of sandwiches it`s possible to use the following bakery products: French and Viennese baguettes, Italian bread, buns for hamburgers, Pita bread or wheat-flour tortilla.