Sauces provide dishes with succulence, complement their taste and even create absolutely news taste of a dish. They are used as an addition to a course or added to dishes in cooking process. Freshly prepared sauces are the most flavorous, appetizing, useful and tasty. Domestic recipes will help you cook real delicious sauces which are able to ensure your dishes with awesome taste. First and foremost it`s necessary to pay attention to classic sauces. Recipe of sauce frequently gets its name from basic ingredient which gives dishes predominant taste. For example, tomato sauce, cream sauce and others. Sauce recipe often includes broths or pot liquor. These can be sauces with mushrooms, chicken, meat or fish.

Having regard to a dish or food product which should be complemented with sauce you`ll be able to choose appropriate taste of sauce. Fish dishes can be served with white or tomato sauces and their taste can vary from sweet and sour to pungent depending on your desire. Pungent sauces perfectly fit meat but sweet sauces are also worth eating with meat dishes. Recipes of sweet sauces can include honey and berries. They possess original taste and evoke appetite not worse than habitual sour or pungent sauces. It`s recommended to taste sweet Chines sauce, recipe of cranberry sauce and sour sweet plum sauce. Sweet sauces are served with porridge, puddings, muffins, biscuits, mousses. Milk and chocolate sauces containing milk and eggs fit dishes cooked of berries and fruits. It`s widely accepted that sauces should be slightly condensed. In order to get a transparent sauce it`s necessary to use potato flour whereas milk and chocolate sauces require using corn flour, rice-starch powder or wheat flour.

Whipped sauces contain eggs that`s why it`s necessary to prevent boiling while cooking. Whipped sauce is usually served hot for puddings. Hot sauces are served only for hot dishes whereas cold sauces can be added to salads or cold appetizers and hot courses as well.

Some sauces can be cooked by means of simple mixing of ingredients and whisking. Others require heating that particularly applies to sauces cooked of pot liquors and gravies. It`s comfortable to cook such a sauce in a multi-cooker. Sauce recipes often can be found in recipes of seasonings. For example, vegetable sauces and seasonings are very close. They can be eaten in fresh form. From a practical point of view canning of sauces for winter is very useful. Recipes of such sauces are based on tomatoes, sweet pepper, onion and other vegetables.

Salad dressing is often called sauce. Thus, sauces are divided into hot and cold. It`s possible to cook in domestic conditions both types. Even very sophisticated sauces can be cooked at home if desired. A real cook is only the one who can cook sauces even if recipes are very simple.