Soups must regularly appear on everybody`s table as they are vitally important. Hot meals not only warm and give energy but also restore liquid balance. Soup is a light and satisfying dish simultaneously. A distinctive feature of soups is significant quantity of liquid. Depending on liquid that serves as a base of soup this culinary category can be divided into various types. In the simplest recipes of soups meat, fish and vegetables are boiled in water but soups with fermented milk products, milk and vegetable juices are also delicious.

Cream soups are considered to be useful and tasty due to their pleasant and soft consistency thanks to which they are easily digested. Besides, cream soups cooked exclusively of vegetables containing large amounts of vitamins and micronutrients.

Depending on composition soups have been categorized into meat, fish, vegetable, cereal, mushroom, milk, fruit soups. Soups also can contain beans and pasta. Frequently the main component of soup is difficult to define especially when soup is multi-component. For that reason it`s difficult to categorize soups comprising many ingredients.

Regarding technology of cooking it`s possible to distinguish transparent, condensed soups, soups containing shredded vegetables, cream soups and sweat ones. Having mastered some culinary techniques you`ll know how to cook soup and be able to change recipes according to your taste. A basis of a nice soup is concentrated and nourishing broth (meat, fish, vegetable or mushroom) that presents an independent dish. Broths are popular in dietary therapy and childhood nutrition. If a soup recipe includes unknown food products it`s possible to replace them with available analogues. For example, artichoke can be substituted with potato.

The majority of soups can be cooked without excessive quantity of fat (not frying vegetables in oil, it`s necessary to stew them in a small amount of water). Besides, many soups (especially cream soups) can be served cold. Cold soups are particularly tasty in hot weather. Frozen vegetables and tinned products allow to cook these dishes throughout the year. Toasts, bacon, cut in cubes ham, chopped eggs, parsley, onion and cheese served on separate plates will excellently complete soup. Thus, soup recipes can be varied according to your taste and mood. There is an opinion that it`s impossible to eat one`s fill by eating only soup. Indeed soups can be quite satisfying especially if it cooked in broth. It`s possible to cook soup which will replace several courses in menu.